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Deborah Talalay

Welcome to Healing with Debbie

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About Me

Deborah Talalay Theta Healer, Homeopath, NLP Master Practitioner, and a Healer. Deborah Talalay is a leading UK based Theta Healer who has practised in Harley Street and West London and has successfully treated people of all ages and from all walks of life. Deborah has developed the Stamford Healing Process, an enhanced form of Theta Healing that can be accessed online anywhere in the world direct via Deborah’s Self Help Videos.

Why You Should Join Me

When you join our community you will receive a gift of a 30 minute Theta Healing preparation session to help you self-diagnose, test for successful healing results and identify areas where you might like to focus on first.

What is included:

  • 45 min monthly group Stamford Healing Process which includes Theta Healing;
  • Opportunity to chat about issues you would like support for and how to get them resolved;
  • Gift of a 1-1 x 30 min session to learn how to self test your belief system and be able to get the full advantage of our group healing sessions.

The usual price for a half an hour session face to face would be £60. I normally charge £180 per 90 minute session for new clients.

You will be receiving that 30 minute session at no additional charge.

You will also be invited to join in our monthly zoom healing session where we will focus on specific areas, such as:

1. Fear/dread


3. Grief - personal loss

... and other areas that group members identify would be useful for them. 

A Big Thanks

Together we will increase the deeper healing that's so needed in the world today - starting with ourselves!

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